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How to Connect Spotify to Alexa 2024[Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Amazon Alexa offers numerous functions to help with different tasks. Nevertheless, for the majority of folks, Alexa remains more of a sound box than a clever gadget.

It’s a must-get for an Amazon Alexa device to fulfill your music needs since you can connect your Spotify account with Alexa and play songs, playlists, and podcasts directly through Spotify.

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If you have an Amazon Alexa for this sole purpose and wonder how to connect it to your Spotify account. Then you are on the right page. This guide is all about connecting your Spotify account to Amazon Alexa. So carefully follow through with it. 

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa?

Begin by launching the Alexa app from your mobile device.

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 Select the More tab located at the lower right corner


 Finally, tap the Settings option.

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 Next, scroll down and under Alexa, Preferences tap the Music & Podcasts option.

A list of multiple streaming platforms will appear.


A list of multiple streaming platforms will appear.


If you can’t find Spotify on the list, simply tap the Link New Service option.


First off, click on Spotify. Then click on Enable To Use. This will open up Spotify’s login page, you need to agree to its terms and conditions, and the account is successfully connected with Alexa Once that’s done. 


If you are passionate about music, you can greatly enhance your listening experience with Alexa. Voice commands allow you to carry out various activities of which playing, switching, shuffling, or adding specific songs to a playlist is inclusive. Therefore, how do you link Spotify with Alexa? It only takes a few steps and in turn, your preferred tunes will be coming to you straight from her.

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