How to clear Queue Spotify MOD APK 2024 complete guide

What is Spotify Queue?

Clear queue Spotify: The best feature of Spotify is the Spotify queue, so users can use their favorite song playlists. Users easily add songs to the queue, and it plays on both mobile and desktop devices.

More ever you want to change the order of songs you can just drag up or down Spotify queue feature is only limited to the premium users so free users can’t see the queue on any playlist.

 How do you clear Spotify Queue from Android, iPhone, and iPad?

If you are using this on an Android, an iPhone, or an iPad, you can clear this queue using the device you are using Open Spotify on it and sign in.

Clear the Spotify queue of individual songs from iOS.

If you want to remove unwanted songs, if the songs are already cute, you have to create a cube next to the song with a circle icon and click it under the menu. 

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How to Clear Spotify Queue on Desktop?

If you use the desktop web player or Spotify client app you can easily clear queue Spotify.

  • Open the Spotify on your desktop.
  • If you see the queue button, click it next to the media control in the right corner.
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  • Next, click on Clear Queue.
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  • Finally, you click Yes to confirm it.

You can view your queue on the web player and desk.

  •   You will see a button to the right of the medium control and below the volume slider.
  • If you want to access your songs, click the queue button.
  • You can have your own on-screen listen to your queue songs.
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What is a queue on Spotify?

Accu is the sequence as you keep things in sequence. Spotify has added music to the.

How can I save this Clear Queue Spotify?

Click the queue button, add your favorite songs to the Spotify queue and click the queue button.  You will see a button to the right of the medium control and below the volume slider. And then, the interplay list name will create a new playlist from which you can easily find your favorite songs. 

Clear individual songs

  • Spotify has this feature: you can remove and add songs from the playlist and change their position to put your favorite song fast if the songs are out of that. If you want to listen to new songs, the only position is to clear the queue completely. 
  • If there is a Google circle, click on it and it will be removed.
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  • Click Menu when the Playbar appears.
  • Click on the play menu at the bottom right.

Clear Queues Spotify

  • You can easily create a new queue by clearing an existing queue.
  • Once you have done all these steps, the entire up section will disappear from the screen, and you can add new songs of your choice to your queue.

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Clear Queue Spotify

It’s now easy to Clear queue Spotify, whether it’s an individual or queue clear, you can now clear very easy steps by following the steps.


Now, you can enjoy listening to songs via Clear Queue Spotify because you can create your queue freely, and you don’t spoil your fun by listening to unnecessary songs.



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